Zenitud’art : The Art of Life at all Ages of Life

Workshops of personal expression and relaxation

Zenitud’art Workshops

Passion for community service!

Zenitud’art is a charity Organization which offers various workshops adapted to your needs.

We propose:

  • Painting and relaxation workshops, offered for vulnerable and isolated people
  • Walks in three-seater bicycles, offered to seniors, in partnership with Un Vélo Une Ville

Participating in Zénitud’art workshops is a fun way to socialize & express one’s emotions, but equally important, unleash one’s creativity!

Our objectives :

INSPIRE  personal expression in a workshop:

  • Offer yourself a moment of freedom and sharing
  • Energize your daily routine with a recurring workshop

ACCOMPANY through emotion and thinking

  • Reduce your emotional burden
  • Lean back and relax into a wellbeing bubble

OFFER a moment of sharing

  • Favorising interacts with participants
  • Meet new people​

CONTRIBUTE to Art appreciation

  • Learn some tips from our painter
  • Present your painting at the end of the workshop

Our mission, vision and values!


  • Offer to vulnerable people and their families, activities of personal expression, according to their needs and preferences.
  • Promote the wellness of these people and relieve their emotional exhaustion through the activities.
  • Counter the social isolation of vulnerable people and their families.
  • Establish partnerships with the various services of the health community.
  • Refer the participants requiring a particular accompaniment, towards adapted devices, fixed by robust partnerships.
  • Contribute to the appreciation of art, by proposing a space of creation and spreading a visibility for these artistic practices.


  • Human approach: At Zenitud’art, the well-being of people is ensured through the development and recognition of their needs, expectations, individuality, and the quality of services within the facility.
  • Creativity: When we want to find solutions and innovate, it is our creativity which will lead us to solutions, adapted to your situation. After all, it’s like having a palette of colors in front of us, we have multiple possibilities, but the objective is to find the best combination, to achieve an optimal result.
  • Holistic approach: In order to give meaning to our business practices, we consider the company as an organization whose well-being, existence and longevity is based on the harmony of the different elements that comprise it.


  • Accessibility: Our team is at your disposal and listens to you, in order to give you an adapted service in a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Transparency: we work with transparency and respect, creating goodwill during activities.
  • Engagement: we make a commitment to respect your expectations, in sharing, in authenticity and in discovery.
  • Trust: in our team, through its creativity, offers activities that break the isolation of the participants.

Our team

Amélie Tavernier, consultant, trained from her experiences as an artist. She wishes to combine her aptitudes to serve seniors. Our Non-Profit Organization aims to develop activities of personal expression for the well-being of participants. These workshops meet the needs of organizations, through enhancing the well-being of their clients who participate in the workshops.

Amélie Tavernier

Virginie Sokha
Administrative service Manager

Nathalie Pigeanne
Project manager Cycling Without Age and business developer

Laure Vest
Project manager Zénitud’art and business developer

Executive Board

Louise Picard

Nursing manager

Pierre Trudeau

Chartered accountant, retired

Gilles Charland

Director general of AQTIS

Amélie Tavernier


Becoming a volunteer

You wish to live and share the Zenitud’art experience with us?

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