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” Do not wait that events arrive as you wish it.
Decide to want what arrives… And you will be happy. “



 11st of october, 2018

Varnishing contemporary art and Zénitud’art Fund Raising

For 2018, our president Amélie Tavernier will assure the varnishing of her paintings !
Here is the invitation for the varnishing, on Thursday, October 11th, 2018, from 5:00 pm, in the space Fullum of the Center “La Traversée”, in Montreal!
To the program: exhibition, collective paint guided by the artist Minh Truong, performance of the musician of Indian harmonium and singer Philippe Lussier, alias @Pradyumna!
Come in large numbers, exchange together and take advantage of this event, discover Amélie’s universe and participate in our fund raising for the actions of Zénitud’ Art aimed at vulnerable public!

September 2018

Zénitud’art promotion !

One great thanks to the conscientious work of Marek Latzmann, for this video intended to promote our Zénitud’ art workshops!

Do not hesitate to share around you!

July 2018 – July 2020

HSO Certification

On July 15th, 2018, Zénitud’ Art received the Canadian certification #HSO_world as exemplary practice!

A big pride for our volunteers, our artists and our whole team ;

And a lot of new strength, energy and confidence to transmit to our participants! 

Find the article below!

Juin 2018


Painting and Relaxation For All

Every month

Meetings full of colors and still enriching, with Others and with Oneself … Here are some memories of our last Workshops.

You want to know more about us, visit our Facebook page!

December 2017

Press Review Bel Âge

For its edition December 2017, the magazine Bel Age dedicated a page to Zénitud’ Art. Find the article below!

October et November 2017

Workshops Painting and Relaxation

For the Elder Of the Center La Traversée

By sharing numerous talents and enriching experiences, this 2nd season of workshops with elder residents of La Traversée had been a success.

Wishing hardly that this partnership adventure will continue for a long time!

September 2017

Socio-financing Campain

At the Center La Traversée

On September, 2017 had taken place our socio-financing campaign. A very good time shared with beautiful people and decorated by the paintings of our President artist Amélie Tavernier! 

For the occasion, a collective painting had been created by our guests! This one always decorates with pride our offices!

August 2017

Socio-financing Campain


“Ulule”, platform of participative socio-financing hoots, allowed us to receive funds for propeling our project.

At this occasion, Zénitud’art received the support of numerous people and thanks to them, the adventure can continue with all the best auspices!

May and June 2017

Workshops Painting and Relaxation

For the Elder Of the Center La Traversée

On May and June 2017 was taking place the 1st season of workshops Zénitud’art with elder sons of the Center La traversée. At the program, discussions, good mood and excellent creativity!

November 2016

Press Review 1431

For its number of winter, 2016, the magazine 1431 of the body La Traversée invited us on their pages, under the shape of a very beautiful article, drafted by Madeleine Lussier. Find the article below!

November 2016

Varnishing and Visibility

To the center La Traversée

On November, 2016, our president and artist Amélie Tavernier opened her painting exhibition. We jumped at the opportunity to make visible the activities of Zénitud’ art, which celebrated its first birhtday!

January 2016

Zénitud’art Creation

The 06th of January , 2016 was born Zénitud’ art! Small return with photos, on the starting up of this very beautiful adventure!